Critical Infrastructure Protection

Security threats to U.S. critical infrastructure span the digital divide. Cyberattacks on critical infrastructure are becoming more strategic and targeted. INL is addressing the critical and complex long-term challenges for key overlapping sectors of the energy system (power, oil and gas, water, wind, nuclear, and transportation), mission critical defense infrastructures, and the everyday systems in all physical processes and infrastructures.

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Power and Grid Systems

The power grid has vulnerabilities that can be exploited by man made and natural events. INL plays a leading role in protecting the emerging power and electric grid technologies from cyber and physical threats.

Control Systems Cybersecurity

The expansion of the internet, digital control systems and wireless device connectivity has dynamically changed our nation’s economy. This transition creates a paradox – more efficient, effective operations, but dramatically increased cyber attack surfaces.

Infrastructure Resiliency

Given the increasing interconnections and interdependencies of systems — such as communications, power distribution and transportation infrastructure — it is essential that government agencies and industry recognize potential vulnerabilities and mitigations to protect critical infrastructure.