To solve some of the biggest challenges our world faces, scientists must spend years studying phenomenon, collecting data, performing experiments, and conducting analysis. But what do you do when the world requires a  solution right away? When a problem has national security significance and time is of essence, people turn to places like Idaho National Laboratory.

National Security Research

INL’s national security employees know how to solve complex problems. Through innovation, efficiency, and confidentiality, our people come to the lab everyday with an unwavering commitment to mission success. Their dedication, passion, and patriotism can turn a novel idea into a transformational solution.

How We Stand Out

INL’s national security capabilities include:

  • Industrial cybersecurity, operational technology and control systems
  • Infrastructure resilience, geospatial modeling and analysis, and vulnerability assessments
  • Wireless 5G device and network security, cellular drone operation and spectrum sharing
  • Nuclear materials management, global safeguards, forensics and counterproliferation
  • Material science, armor and barrier development, and explosives testing and analysis
  • 890-square mile test range with multiple full-scale infrastructure test beds
  • World-renown radiological and cybersecurity training courses and exercises

Impacting Economic and Workforce Development

If you are an engineer, analyst, or operator and work for a federal or commercial utility, INL has solutions to help you or your team adapt to evolving national security challenges and threats.

N&HS develops and deploys training and exercises to enhance critical infrastructure, nuclear and defense systems security. The training and exercises are a result of an emphasis on multi-agency collaboration, partnering and sharing of experts and research facilities. This approach accelerates the maturation of technologies and methodologies from conceptual to deployment stages; optimizes the benefits of leveraging investments in expertise, research programs and technical infrastructure; and creates effective environments for immediate information sharing of discoveries and emerging threats.

Secure Testing Ranges

INL’s test ranges encompass a collection specialized test beds and training complexes that create a centralized location where government agencies, utility companies and equipment manufacturers can work together to find solutions to many of the nation’s most pressing security issues.

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NHS Media Contact

Ethan Huffman

Phone: 208-526-5015