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Why INL?

As the birthplace of peaceful nuclear power, Idaho National Laboratory has been pioneering safe, reliable energy since 1949. Now – at this critical point in human history – we must meet our growing energy needs in an environmentally responsible way. As you help us define the future of our nation’s energy, we offer you spectacular benefits:


  • Relocation packages including help selling your home.
  • Competitive health-care options.
  • 3+ weeks of personal leave your first year, and flextime to promote work-life balance.
  • 10 paid holidays and work curtailment from Christmas through New Year’s.
  • 9×80 or 4×10 work schedules for more Fridays off.
  • Generous 401(k) including 4.2% INL contribution and additional matching.
  • Resources available to assist in spouse or partner employment


  • Professional development plans to support your career growth.
  • INL is the home of EBR-I, the first nuclear plant to generate usable electricity.
  • 52 nuclear test reactors were designed and constructed at INL.
  • The Advanced Test Reactor is the only U.S. reactor that can provide large-volume, high-flux neutron irradiation.
  • Ongoing research areas include the Light Water Reactor Sustainability Program, the development of advanced fuels and next-generation reactors, and radioisotope power systems for the space program.


Why Idaho?

There’s a reason Idaho is the fastest-growing state in the country. Check out all the adventures that await you!

Looking for a new place to call home? Idaho Falls is the fifth-most affordable city in America

Nature lover? There are several national parks and natural attractions within 170 miles of Idaho Falls.

Adventure seeker? Enjoy endless outdoor activities

World-class fly-fishing, hiking, skiing, hot springs and more!


Salaries listed on this webpage are average starting salaries. Salaries are dependent on many different elements like education level, experience, position requirements, specialty within a degree, etc..

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  • Advanced Instrumentation & Controls
  • Computer & Computational Science
  • Data & Decision Sciences
  • Experiment Design
  • High-Assay, Low-Enriched Uranium Technology
  • Human Factors & Reliability
  • Modeling & Simulation
  • Neutronics Analysis
  • Nuclear Materials & Fuels
  • Nuclear/Mechanical Thermal Hydraulics

  • Power Systems & Electrical Engineering
  • Probabilistic Risk Methods & Analysis
  • Reactor Design & Manufacturing
  • Reactor Operators/Technicians
  • Research Investigators – Fuels, Materials
  • Research Technicians
  • Risk & Reliability Analysis
  • Spent Fuel Packaging & Analysis
  • Structural Dynamics