K-12 STEM Education Grants

Idaho National Laboratory’s K-12 STEM program looks to cultivate the eastern Idaho STEM landscape by leveraging partnerships and resources to grow STEM opportunities for all, and works toward the alignment of future workforce needs with STEM Education in Eastern Idaho. Educators and other community stakeholders in Regions 5 and 6 are eligible to apply for grants that will support these efforts.

Applicants must be able to provide proof of 501(c)(3) nonprofit status and a W-9 form. A review of grant impact will be required.

A panel of judges will evaluate each application independently to competitively award grants.

Funding for INL’s STEM grants is provided by Battelle Energy Alliance. Over the past decade, INL has awarded nearly $5 million in STEM grants to support STEM education in Idaho.

Applications are accepted for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education grants to support K-12 STEM education in eastern Idaho in five categories:

Competition Grant: Applications close Feb. 28, 2020

Maximum of $1,000 per award, up to 10 awards expected.

The INL STEM Competition Grant was designed to support eastern Idaho students, grades K-12, participating in STEM competitions throughout the state. Applications must be completed by a school-level representative on behalf of the students benefiting from the grant. Each school is allowed one schoolwide application.

Allowable uses of funding:

  • Registration fees
  • Student supplies
  • Travel to and from event within the state of Idaho

Apply here. 

Access Community STEM and Career Awareness Grants

Out-of-School STEM Program Grant: Applications close Feb. 28, 2020

Maximum of $5,000 per award, up to three awards expected.

The Idaho National Laboratory K-12 STEM Program values organizations dedicated to STEM education in eastern Idaho in settings outside of the classroom. In addition to our more traditional school and classroom grants, we offer a competitive grant to support eastern Idaho organizations with STEM programs that serve K-12 students in settings outside of the classroom. This funding should serve three purposes: broaden student impact, increase student resources, and encourage student involvement in STEM activities.

A strong application reflects engaging activities that are hands-on, collaborative and relevant. Programs should provide students with age-appropriate real-world problems and solutions using STEM subjects and answer these questions thoughtfully and completely:

  • What does it mean to broaden student impact?

The INL STEM program wants to encourage organizations to increase the amount of students participating in STEM activities with a focus on rural and/or traditionally underrepresented students.

  • What does it mean to increase resources for students?

The INL STEM program is interested in students using technology or other STEM tools to increase their skills, and that engage them in STEM subjects. You can use this funding for tools or materials used directly and only by the students. Resources purchased must be clearly aligned with project goals and outcomes.

  • What does it mean to encourage student involvement in STEM activities?

The INL STEM program seeks to encourage first-time student participation (particularly among traditionally underrepresented students) and to attract the attention of students with a demonstrated interest in STEM fields. This funding can be used to reach such an audience. Apply here. 

Access Community STEM and Career Awareness Grants

Classroom Grant: Applications open in fall 2020

Maximum of $1,500 per award, up to 10 awards expected.

The K-12 Classroom Grant is available for eastern Idaho educators and administrators to apply for funding to improve student understanding of and learning experiences in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Awards will be granted for innovative projects in STEM subjects. This grant seeks proposals that support innovative student-centered projects and experiential learning at the classroom level. Grant requests vary, with a maximum award of $1,500. The funding should be used to cover needed project materials, admission fees, and/or travel for a field trip.

Access Community STEM and Career Awareness Grants

Community STEM and Career Awareness Grant: Applications open in fall 2020 

Maximum of $750 per award, up to 10 awards expected.

The Community STEM and Career Awareness Grant is designed to support publicly funded and nonprofit organizations. Up to $750 is available to selected applicants wishing to host a community STEM event focused on raising awareness about STEM education and career options. The event could focus specifically on math or science, or it could celebrate STEM in general. Priority will be given to organizations holding events in underserved communities including rural and Spanish-speaking populations. Additional points will be awarded to applications that address these specific underserved populations. Applications that note they have a Spanish-speaking staff or community member willing to commit to the project and assist with the event will earn extra points on review.

Eligibility includes publicly funded educational organizations such as schools, libraries, after-school educational programs or educational nonprofits/community centers.

Access Community STEM and Career Awareness Grants

Gov. C.L. “Butch” and First Lady Lori Otter INL/BEA STEM Impact Grant: Applications open in fall 2020

One $15,000 STEM Impact Grant, named in recognition of the legacy of STEM education support in Idaho by former governor and first lady Otter, will be presented to a team of educators. Partnering with community, business or industry is encouraged.

The grant will provide full or partial support for an innovative, collaborative and sustainable STEM project that will integrate STEM concepts into a school and have demonstrable impact on eastern Idaho students.

This grant can be used to fund training, materials and supplies, educator stipends, or other resources related to completion of the project.

A recipient will be chosen on the basis of the overall impact of their proposed project and its alignment with grant requirements. At least one team member should be available to receive the grant check at INL’s Annual Holiday Reception on the evening of Dec. 4, 2019. View the INL STEM Impact Grant Scoring Rubric.

STEM Action Center partnership opportunities

Idaho National Laboratory is pleased to partner with the Idaho STEM Action Center, created in 2015 to help coordinate and facilitate implementation of STEM programs, align education and workforce needs, and increase awareness of STEM throughout Idaho. Further grant opportunities in partnership with the Idaho STEM Action Center are available and will be announced throughout the year. Interested applicants should watch INL’s STEM grant website for further information.