Idaho National Laboratory is committed to securing the world’s energy future through advancing nuclear energy, securing and modernizing critical infrastructure, and enabling clean energy deployment. This critical mission is accomplished thanks in large part to collaborations with organizations in every state.

In FY 2019 (October 2018 to September 2019), INL and its employees worked on 260 competitively-awarded research projects, welcomed 456 interns from 40 states, licensed its software to 295 organizations, held faculty positions at 17 universities and colleges, and collaborated with 209 external users of INL’s high-performance computing facilities.

Browse the map below to see how INL’s reach extends far beyond its western borders. Printable fact sheets for each state are also available.

Idaho Direct Impact

A major contributor to Idaho’s economy, INL’s impact on its home state was extensive. From $239.6 million in subcontracts to Idahoan organizations to 1525 collegiate degrees from Idaho colleges and universities, INL’s influence on Idaho and Idaho’s influence of INL is immense.

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